Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nova Scotia South Shore 7-1-14

We are staying along the south shore east of Halifax at Wayside Campground.  Jerry Avis – fellow SKP stays the summer at this park and has been our tour guide.  This morning he took me sailing on his boat – a delightful light breeze. 

Below is quite the painted house.


Yesterday we took a drive east along the coast to Lunenburg – a colorful town along the water.

  20140630_110949 20140630_121553

Homes are large and often colorful

20140630_103236 20140630_121618

Today we drove south to Peggy’s Cove – a busy place on Canada Day


The Bagpiper is entertaining for donations!  Quite delightful to hear the music – see the lighthouse and the water.

20140701_14142620140701_120248 20140701_12030020140701_12030920140701_120354 

And a stop for a yummy donair pizza and soup lunch.  20140701_131516

And a bit of whimsy ----

20140701_140927 20140701_141036

20140630_094938 20140630_100215


Sean Orr said...

Awesome photos

Jan Mains said...

Your own private guide. You can't beat that.