Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bay of Fundy 6-28-14

We moved to Moncton Wall-Hilton and a trip to the Bay of Fundy! Absolutely magical!  As the tide goes out/comes in again there is a window of 3 hrs before and 3 hrs after to be able to walk down the cliffs to the magical world of the “Flower Pot Rocks” – at low tide they are exposed and you can walk on the bay floor.  Tides can vary from 36-45 meters – the highest in the world.  They also produce a “Bore Tide” (as in Alaska) – wherein the long tide is still going out as the tide is again coming in producing a wave that can be seen . 20140628_094216 20140628_094309

20140628_094309 20140628_094457

20140628_094649 20140628_095419

Just down the road, the town of Alma --- home of the Lobster!  It was time to eat seafood!  Well for most of us……Denny had his own style of dinner by the bay……

20140628_114855 20140628_112352

An early Canada Day Parade – short ‘n sweet!

20140628_121509 20140628_121617

Yes a horse dressed as a lobster…… And more moose as in Moosen Around!

20140628_121808 20140628_122636

And just down the road a piece – Cape Enrage Lighthouse – so named because of the dramatic tides and rough waters. With a stairway down to the beach --- think I’ll stay at the top and enjoy the view!

20140628_132842 20140628_133510

Another delightful day in New Brunswick with friends ……..



Larry Forbes said...

Always fun to see places we have been.

Jan Mains said...

What a great setting for the group photo. Love small town parades.

Carol and Larry Jennings said...

Wonderful photos! What a dream trip. Thank you!