Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Arizona Bound

9-11-13  North Ranch is calling ---- along with a few Dr appointments.  We have spent an enjoyable week with friends Dave & Brenda Neil in Thayne, WY.

Back in AZ there are RV and house projects.  Probably not too newsworthy --- so we’ll sign off for a while.  Thank you for following and enjoying with us our Alaskan Adventures.  Enjoy your travels.

Hugs Susie & Denny

Thursday, September 5, 2013


9-4-13  The Tetons are so beautiful and changeable thru the day.2013-09-04Tetons 029

2013-09-04Tetons 058

A group of bull Moose have been wandering the park.  Momma and babies have also been relaxing in the campground.2013-09-04Tetons 024

2013-09-04Tetons 074

2013-09-04Tetons 094

And walks are always enjoyable…..2013-09-04Tetons 041

2013-09-04Tetons 052

2013-09-04Tetons 056

There they are --- hiding in the clouds!  Grand enjoyable views!

2013-09-04Tetons 062

Monday, September 2, 2013

Teton Friends

9-2-13  Had some visitors right close to the RV in the Tetons.  What a surprise!

  3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 127

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 141

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 166

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 225 

Think we’ll just watch from afar…… these boys are BIG!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teton Mountains

9-1-13  Love the Teton Mountains with ever changing views.2013-09-01 Tetons 007

2013-09-01 Tetons 015Jenny Lake is always beautiful

2013-09-01 Tetons 019As well as a picnic along String Lake

2013-09-01 Tetons 021Just love the sky, clouds, mountains --- what views!

2013-09-01 Tetons 028Fires to the west have brought the haze smoke to the mtns

2013-09-01 Tetons 030

2013-09-01 Tetons 032And guest visitor ----

2013-09-01 Tetons 051And another beautiful day in the Teton Mountains.

2013-09-01 Tetons 004We celebrated our 49th Anniversary with new RV friends at the Gun Barrel Steak House in Jackson on the 29th2013-09-01 Tetons 001

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to Lower 48

8-29-13 What do you think?  Our new towed!  Denny’s wanted a truck and loves VWs.  Easy to tow too!2013-08-29 Canada 1102013-08-29 Canada 111Love the wide open skies and grand farm views for miles2013-08-29 Canada 118

2013-08-29 Canada 125Backside of the Tetons……. #22 coming down to Jackson is not for sissies!  10% grades --- SLOW --- and I did say S L O W!

2013-08-29 Canada 126Well, you’re right!  It was a dream.  Think we’ll keep the Jeep Liberty!

Sundre, AB

8-25-13  Rolling on from Lake Louise area….. beautiful morning views2013-08-29 Canada 057

And a surprise along the way:2013-08-29 Canada 064Just a bit earlier / later and we would have missed this.

2013-08-29 Canada 067

2013-08-29 Canada 069Hwy #11 travels along Abraham Lake --- 2013-08-29 Canada 077

And on to Sundre, AB to visit friends Neil & Edith Harper.  They have a large beautiful home, lots of acres and trees and some neat cars.  Thank you for the warm and enjoyable visit and many yummy meals!  Also enjoyed seeing Bill & Ange and Mel & Ann Hills for dinner, along with Jerry & Sally another time.  Sure like seeing our SKP Friends.

2013-08-29 Canada 0852013-08-29 Canada 099

Enjoy the farming areas of Alberta and wide open skies……..

2013-08-29 Canada 104

Our summer travels aren’t over yet!  More to see and enjoy on the way south to AZ.

Johnson Canyon

8-23-13 – Always a favorite walk is to Johnson Canyon – just along 1A.  Oh my the place is packed.  Cars parked from here to there and along the highway.  But still enjoyed the walk and views.  The river flows right below our feet.

2013-08-29 Canada 022

And at the end is the lower falls --- along with a short cave to see the top water rushing by…..2013-08-29 Canada 036

2013-08-29 Canada 032

A grand day to amble and enjoy the views. Just love those mtns.2013-08-29 Canada 013

And end the day with a beautiful sunset!

2013-08-29 Canada 056

Thursday, August 22, 2013


8-18-13 It’s not far from Dawson Creek to Grand Prairie to visit with friends George and Jeanette Forest.  Thank you for the warm welcome and great hospitality.  To Banff 002Hill and dale to Grande Cache on Hwy #40 – what a delightful museum and visitor center.To Banff 004And on to Jasper National Park – absolutely gorgeous scenery.  To Banff 006Sunwapta Falls --- All that water.  All that power.  And the dense rock erodes minimally thru the year.

To Banff 018To Banff 023Ah!  What a view – what a trip!  Jasper to Banff!

To Banff 026The Icefields – Athabasca GlacierTo Banff 039

To Banff 034Love the magical colors of glacial silt of Bow Lake!

To Banff 048Parked at Lake Louise….. More travels tomorrow!