Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tillicum Beach

We’ve discovered a neat spot along the coast – Tillicum National Forest. This is our view:

Tugger at the beach with sunny skies
Sunset on the beach with waves rolling gently in
Fog on the beach – which was the view all day today – and just a block from the coast it was sunny. Went for lunch at a local eatery! More clam chowder for me – not rated as one of the best I’ve had. Denny sticks with a variety of hamburgers.

The tides fascinate me. As we look from our window we see the tides come and go. Walking the beach is decidedly different at high vs low tides. The difference at least 100’ feet and more. We’re here at full moon which = higher tides and lower or minus tides. The sand is hard packed for easy walking. The wave line interesting with various critters…. Lots of small crabs, clam shells, beetle looking crustaceans, jelly fish, star fish, sea weeds. Tomorrow plan to rise early and go down the road to a rocky area for low tide viewing of anemones, star fish, +++.

We’ve had one fairly warm day (okay for shirt sleeves), but mostly chilly – need a sweat shirt and windbreaker along the beach.