Monday, July 14, 2014

Cabot Trail 7-14-14

The Cabot Trail is a circular 200 miles trail – either from the east or the west following the outer edge of the Cape Breton northern peninsula.  A scenic drive of small towns, forest and some great water views.  Lots of ‘craft’ shops – rug weaving, painting, pottery, etc – that we by passed.  We did see 2 fox, this one posed very nicely!

Many varieties of churches thru the provinces


IMG_0406 IMG_0407

IMG_0414 IMG_0419

IMG_0434 IMG_0437

In Cheticamp a neat museum of Acadian furniture and rug hooking…..this seen has 511 colors and took 11 months to complete.  This artist could do 55 stitches / minutes or 3300 / hr.


IMG_0442 IMG_0443

On a drizzling day, we were not into hiking, but enjoyed the scenic drive.

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