Friday, July 25, 2014

Fish, Fun & Folk Festival–Twillingate

Yep, there are plenty of “Fish” to choose from and then enjoy!IMG_0859 IMG_0860

Plenty of Music to enjoy!

IMG_0835 IMG_0843

IMG_0819 IMG_0876  

Of course there are ParadesIMG_0865

IMG_0867 IMG_0866

And special treats---- Toutons are pan fried bread with Molasses or Partridgeberry Jam.

IMG_0879 And lots of friendly folk that welcome you with a happy smile!

IMG_0861 The Icebergs are melting, but beautiful to see!

1 comment:

Karen Ritchie said...

Twillingate is an enchanting place, one of my favorites spots on the Island. The people are phenomenal. You will have to find a kitchen party!