Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Arizona Bound

9-11-13  North Ranch is calling ---- along with a few Dr appointments.  We have spent an enjoyable week with friends Dave & Brenda Neil in Thayne, WY.

Back in AZ there are RV and house projects.  Probably not too newsworthy --- so we’ll sign off for a while.  Thank you for following and enjoying with us our Alaskan Adventures.  Enjoy your travels.

Hugs Susie & Denny

Thursday, September 5, 2013


9-4-13  The Tetons are so beautiful and changeable thru the day.2013-09-04Tetons 029

2013-09-04Tetons 058

A group of bull Moose have been wandering the park.  Momma and babies have also been relaxing in the campground.2013-09-04Tetons 024

2013-09-04Tetons 074

2013-09-04Tetons 094

And walks are always enjoyable…..2013-09-04Tetons 041

2013-09-04Tetons 052

2013-09-04Tetons 056

There they are --- hiding in the clouds!  Grand enjoyable views!

2013-09-04Tetons 062

Monday, September 2, 2013

Teton Friends

9-2-13  Had some visitors right close to the RV in the Tetons.  What a surprise!

  3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 127

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 141

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 166

3-Bull moose-pics to Dubois-Canon 225 

Think we’ll just watch from afar…… these boys are BIG!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Teton Mountains

9-1-13  Love the Teton Mountains with ever changing views.2013-09-01 Tetons 007

2013-09-01 Tetons 015Jenny Lake is always beautiful

2013-09-01 Tetons 019As well as a picnic along String Lake

2013-09-01 Tetons 021Just love the sky, clouds, mountains --- what views!

2013-09-01 Tetons 028Fires to the west have brought the haze smoke to the mtns

2013-09-01 Tetons 030

2013-09-01 Tetons 032And guest visitor ----

2013-09-01 Tetons 051And another beautiful day in the Teton Mountains.

2013-09-01 Tetons 004We celebrated our 49th Anniversary with new RV friends at the Gun Barrel Steak House in Jackson on the 29th2013-09-01 Tetons 001