Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tale of an Iceberg

Thru the week we have watched icebergs come, linger and go – another replacing it soon.  This is late for icebergs, but certainly enjoying them.IMG_0616

IMG_0713 A bit closer with the Midnight Shadow Fishing Boat and then……it was breaking up.  Note another one coming behind it…..

IMG_0785Note she shape now!IMG_0834

Look what came in thereafter…….. See the Kayakers

IMG_0968and a bit later in the morning it calved and look what it looks like now….


Sharon & Don Del Rosario moved on to Gander.  We’ll see them in a few days.  But before they left – it was time to catch up on email… at the library!!!


Jan Mains said...

I'm still amazed at the icebergs. You don't think of seeing those when you're touring.

Larry Forbes said...

Enjoying the blog.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad you got a picture of the Midnight Shadow near the iceberg. That's a keeper!