Monday, July 14, 2008


Today's drive took us to the Badlands of SD -- geologically speaking fairly new formations. It is also a wealth of prehistoric mammals. Dramatically different scenery. Can you imagine being a homesteader back in the early 1900's trying to farm this area. The natural grasslands of the area often had roots more than 4' deep along with minimal rainfalls, lots of wind, and HOT summers.

And of course a trip to the Badlands would not be complete without a stop at Wall Drug ---

Mt Rushmore

Hi Folks -- Hart Ranch was a really neat first class RV Park.

Mt Rushmore is always a very moving experience. The evening program was the history of the "Star Spangled Banner" along with a movie about the making of Mt Rushmore. It was a beautiful, clear evening spent with friends.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Black Hills, SD

Hi Folks --- Escapade (our national rally) in Gillette, WY is once again history. The week is always exciting, but non-stop busy as well. We enjoyed seeing friends, but never enough time to actually sit down and visit.

It is time to relax --- well sort of! We're now in the Black Hills of SD at a beautiful RV resort -- along with many other SKP friends. So we're still visiting and eating. I (Susie) especially have enjoyed the morning exercise classes -- great for the wrist. The park is an old ranch of rolling green hills - absolutely beautiful this year because by this time of summer they are usually golden.

You can not visit the Black Hills without taking some scenic drives. 14A is know for its 'pig tale' bridges - you go under and then over and always with a view of Mt Rushmore in the distance. You also go thru several very narrow tunnels. The tour buses make a big production of measuring and lining up and going thru - narrowly missing the sidewalls.

#16 is the Needles Highway -- again very scenic thru woods, grasslands, and rocks. The Black Hills are some of the oldest mountains >2 billion years. The high center is granite, surrounded by limestone formations, then a narrow ring of 'red' rock and finally a very narrow band of another geological rock.
There is always a lot to do and see in the Black Hills. We took the wild animal loop route -- we were lucky to have a herd of buffalo crossing the road - many big boys as well as mamas with babies.

The wild burros are reminants of the gold rush days. They are very friendly and come right up to you -- if you don't have a snack for them they quickly move on.

We also saw pronghorn (antelope), deer and wild turkeys. We're savoring the travels and enjoying the adventures.
Hugs Susie & Denny