Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hall’s Harbor 7-10-14

Visiting with fellow SKPs – Gary & Pam Hunter in St. Croix – Gary went to move his RV to make room for us --- but trouble in river city.  It had to be towed for major repairs.  IMG_0223

The tides are fascinating.  In and out twice a day.  Low tide is chocolate mud.

IMG_0225                                        A scenic drive to Hall’s Harbor for lunch and into the fog.  You can tell it is low tide by how low the boats are in the water.IMG_0232 IMG_0236

On the left is a 2# lobster on the right a 6# lobster (uncooked)IMG_0237

Scenic views from on high to the bay below.  Very pastoral farm lands.  Enjoying travels with Sharon & Don Del Rosario. Follow along with their blog as well -

IMG_0243 IMG_0248   At low tides, the boats sit in the mud.  Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.  Fascinating to watch all the small fingers of water come and go.


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Jan Mains said...

That's a huge lobster!