Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bay of Fundy 6-28-14

We moved to Moncton Wall-Hilton and a trip to the Bay of Fundy! Absolutely magical!  As the tide goes out/comes in again there is a window of 3 hrs before and 3 hrs after to be able to walk down the cliffs to the magical world of the “Flower Pot Rocks” – at low tide they are exposed and you can walk on the bay floor.  Tides can vary from 36-45 meters – the highest in the world.  They also produce a “Bore Tide” (as in Alaska) – wherein the long tide is still going out as the tide is again coming in producing a wave that can be seen . 20140628_094216 20140628_094309

20140628_094309 20140628_094457

20140628_094649 20140628_095419

Just down the road, the town of Alma --- home of the Lobster!  It was time to eat seafood!  Well for most of us……Denny had his own style of dinner by the bay……

20140628_114855 20140628_112352

An early Canada Day Parade – short ‘n sweet!

20140628_121509 20140628_121617

Yes a horse dressed as a lobster…… And more moose as in Moosen Around!

20140628_121808 20140628_122636

And just down the road a piece – Cape Enrage Lighthouse – so named because of the dramatic tides and rough waters. With a stairway down to the beach --- think I’ll stay at the top and enjoy the view!

20140628_132842 20140628_133510

Another delightful day in New Brunswick with friends ……..


Acadian Village 6-26-14

The Acadian Village is a tour of homes, farms and life from the 1760+, mid 1800s and turn of the century 1900s.  The welcome is a statue of a farmer and the 3 chairs represent the Acadian Flag of Blue with star, White and Red stripes.


The early homes were made of chinked logs progressing to siding and painted exteriors and interiors.  Homes grew from one room cabins with the 2nd floor as storage for grains to multiple rooms and up stairs bedrooms.

PICT0016 PICT0137

The kitchen was always the heart of the home.  Progressing from cooking in the fireplace, to cooking on more modern stoves.  All providing heat for the home.

PICT0019 PICT0055

PICT0084 PICT0097

The costumes changed with the era.  The women always had their head covered when being outside of the home.  Progress was a water pump inside the home.

PICT0122 PICT0135

There were also the neighborhood blacksmith, cobbler, printer, barrel maker, gas station, and general store.

PICT0082 PICT0087

PICT0126 PICT0124

The women’s work was the house and garden.  The men did not cook unless they were single/bachelors.  Winters were spent making linen fabric from flax – very tedious.  Wool was spun and dyed with natural products for different colors

PICT0063 PICT0044

PICT0032 PICT0062

It was another good day of learning and enjoying!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ambling New Brunswick 6-27-14

Boondocking is good!  We stayed at Beresford, NB Thursday along the north coast.  A nice park and boardwalk – skies are blue – water surprisingly warm.

20140626_173720 20140626_173742

a neat walkway thru the marsh. Can you see us?

20140626_175917 20140626_174915

Enjoyed some whimsy – a ship and sails from a fence along the water.  And ready for a bonfire…..

20140625_143324 20140625_143335

Today we drove to another great boondocking spot (bring our daily cost of camping down a bit) in Port Elgin – planning to tour PEI --- however it costs $45/car to cross the bridge.  So decided to save it for another trip when we can stay a bit and enjoy the island and history.

A surprise in Port Elgin – the little gas station sold more than 10,000 CDs of George Canyon – a country singer --- so he had a concert and CD signing right there in the parking lot. 


Then for dinner a little restaurant right across the street!  Yummmm! I had fish and chips and Denny had something called “The Mess” --- right up his style --- hamburger covered with French fries, smothered in cheese – gravy – peas!  This is remnants when almost done!!!!  He sure enjoyed his dinner.  Great stop.

20140627_171836 20140627_165440

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quebec National Day 2014-06-23

This is a big day of celebration in Quebec Province --- more important than Canada Day July 1.  So learning of the concert and activities at the outdoor concert venue at the Plains of Abraham Denny and I decided to go – reminisces of going to Chicago for July 3 concert and fireworks.  We took the ferry  across the river from Levis to Quebec.  Up the Funicular (elevator) to the plaza …… and a walk along the walkway.  Now the easy, direct way was Rue St Louis (street), but we did an up and down route eventually ending at the Gate from the walled city to the

DSCN1569 DSCN1573

DSCN1574 DSCN1575DSCN1578 DSCN1579

Arriving early we did lots of people watching…… The crowds gathered slowing until after 10pm – the music of course French Quebec favorites.  A nice couple beside us spoke English to explain the goings on

.DSCN1581 DSCN1582

Beavertails – French version of Elephant Ears - come in all flavors – chocolate, maple, cinnamon, apple --- Yummm we choose Apple!

The bon fire represents the First Nation heritage.  The Quebec flags were waving everywhere. he celebration will go on to the wee hours. The night lovely – pleasant temperatures.  We left about 11pm for the ferry.

  DSCN1593 DSCN1600DSCN1586 A lot of Quebec Flag Waving!!!

The streets were magical along Rue St Louis back to Place d’ Armes to take the funicular back down to the lower lever to catch the ferry back to Levis.

DSCN1608 DSCN1611

DSCN1614 DSCN1615

Arrived in time for a trip down the funicular (elevator) to the lower lever and on to the ferry.  A bit blurry, but magical city views.  Ah, another delightful day of travels.