Sunday, July 28, 2013



The Fish Hatchery on Dayville Road is the place to see Salmon climbing fish ladders, Stellar Sea Lions waiting for lunch and Bears looking for dinner.07-27-13 Valdez 00107-27-13 Valdez 011

Bull Stellar Seal waiting for lunch! Yes, that’s a seal – looks like a rock!07-27-13 Valdez 005Momma and 4 – 1 yr old cubs out for dinner.  Low Tide…..07-27-13 Valdez 2 036in the fog – low tide – Valdez 07-27-13 Valdez 2 029

07-27-13 Valdez 2 010

And a boat cruise to Columbia Glacier ----- We did see a blurb of a humpback whale, the tail fins of an Orca and her baby as they dove deep, Dall Porpoise swimming in front of the boat, Stellar Sea Lions resting on shore, Horned Puffins diving , a pair of eagles, mountain goats, and more wild life.  The day began very cloudy – overcast…… but improved along the way.07-27-13 Valdez 2 049As we approached the glacier --- ice chunks floated everywhere.  Note the deep blue color of compacted snow and ice and the many shapes.07-27-13 Valdez 2 087Denny enjoyed looking for goats on the mountain side….It got very chilly near the glacier ---07-27-13 Valdez 2 099And the ice debris thickens as we get closer…. 07-27-13 Valdez 2 11407-27-13 Valdez 2 117the mouth of the glacier is about 2 miles wide…..07-27-13 Valdez 2 103Not planning to sleep again in the car…… time to head for Palmer.  It was an enjoyable visit to Valdez.07-27-13 Valdez 021The Wrangell Mountains were covered in clouds on the way up, but a nice evening view on the return trip.  Mount Drum

07-27-13 Valdez 2 132Beautiful sunset along the way07-27-13 Valdez 2 139And was it great to sleep in our own bed…… ahhh for a good night’s sleep.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Off to Valdez

7-24-13  Decided to take a car trip to Valdez! 

The Glenn Highway looked different without the snow of early May.To Valdez 017Miles of trees on the way to Chitina To Valdez 023Salmon aren’t here yet, but the fish wheels are ready!To Valdez 035Keystone Canyon is scenic with plenty of waterfalls.To Valdez 083The Worthington Glacier was another beautiful stop along the way.To Valdez 049Yep, enjoyed our campsite at the Valdez GlacierTo Valdez 089Thought it would be a snap!  We would sleep in the car – enjoy the sights in Valdez!  Well we’re not as young, nor as agile as we once were.  Without extra padding for sleeping it was a trip!!!  Lots of laughs for this memorable trip.  Ahhhh, for a comfortable bed!

To Valdez 091Valdez sightseeing: Valdez Museum and Earthquake History.To Valdez 094Watching Seiner Boats bring in their catch by net --- 07-27-13 Valdez 2 003Stopped at the docks to watch folks come in with their catch……07-27-13 Valdez 01307-27-13 Valdez 020

Enjoying Valdez…….


7-25-13  It’s time to enjoy some flowers of Alaska ---- Forget-Me-Nots2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 014

Fireweed and Oxeye Daisies

2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 001

2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 016

2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 028

To Valdez 079The ski slopes at Girdwood are beautiful dressed in green too!2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 005A beautiful drive up to Hatcher Pass 2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 0292013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 040Parasailing off the mountain top…..

2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 066We’re back in Palmer at Elks for Dr checkup --- wonderful views on Finger Lake.2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 070

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to Palmer

07-21-2013  With Soldotna in the rear view mirror, we’re amazed at the steady flow of RV’s, Boats, and Cars heading to the Kenai and Soldotna for fishing.   

Girdwood is beautiful even without the snow of our earlier trip.  Great place to relax a few days.2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 008The Alyeska Resort is very picturesque…..2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 019

We stopped to visit Francis & Jo Ann Jackson – park sitting at McHugh – a part of Chugach State Park along Turnagain Arm.  The views are again very enjoyable.

Once settled at the Palmer Elks Lodge – we drove to Hatcher Pass.  Delightful views along the way….2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 024Enjoyed watching folks parasailing off the mountain with light breeze2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 0662013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 040Then on to Hatcher Summit Lake2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 050Denny’s looking good with his Alaska look!2013-07-21 Denny's Droid 068Wild flowers abound – adding to the delight of summer in Alaska2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 001

2013-07-21 Girdwood to Palmer 021 Lovely Finger Lake view at the Elk’s Lodge Palmer/Wasilla.2013-07-21 Susie Pics 011Think we’ll enjoy the view!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soldotna - Kenai

7-17-2013   Late July is Salmon time in Alaska.  Everyone is fishing it seems.  Alaskans are allowed 25 salmon for head of household and 10 for each family member.  That’s a lot of fish.  Today we went to the Kenai River outlet into the Cook Inlet at high tide to see Alaskans dip netting!  Wow!  What an experience!  2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 041It’s a family adventure……with a wide variety of equipment.

2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 060Fish swim into the net which is dragged to the beach……

2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 058Some filet the fish right at the beach….. 2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 0742013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 064Others put them in coolers or sleds to take home…..The tails need to be clipped to prove they were caught with a dip net.2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 079

Then there are non residents that come to fish….. right now they are allowed 3 fish / day.  There are many fish walks along the Kenai River….2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 011Folks line up --- guess they call this ‘combat’ fishing2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 012Or they go right into the water hoping for a better chance to catch one!  Those chest high waders are needed – that water is cold!2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 0232013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 013And feeling good with a full catch!2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 033Steve Dudley & Fred are canning salmon2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 007   Fresh Salmon sure tastes good!