Monday, July 21, 2014

Harry’s Harbor & LaScie NF 7-18 & 19



Two driving days.  Lots of TREES.  Did I say lots of TREES!!!! Yes, Miles and miles of trees.  But the coast villages were delightful and the bonus was icebergs!

IMG_0511 IMG_0530

IMG_0517IMG_0551IMG_0585IMG_0575IMG_0526IMG_0580Grand View from the top. Then a loud “CRACK” and the iceberg fell apart before our eyes. IMG_0567 IMG_0582

Lunch of the traditional Pea Soup and Dumplings at the Outport Teahouse and Museum.  Of course Denny joined in the fun playing the “Ugly Stick” = a rhythmic concoction of cymbals, noisemakers, mop on top and boot for a foot!


IMG_0587 IMG_0586

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