Monday, July 7, 2014

Chester 7-7-14

Off to Chester on the bay for Lunch ---- a beautiful bay!IMG_0182 IMG_0176

IMG_0181 IMG_0185

And a scenic drive around to St Margaret’s Bay – with a surprise to find an old castle.  The story is, a gentleman from England wanted to move to Nova Scotia, but his wife did not.  So he had his home castle taken apart and rebuilt in NS.  His wife died shortly thereafter and he moved back to England.  The house remains abandoned. 

IMG_0194 IMG_0195

The boats as well as the homes can be very colorful!  Delightful!


Jan Mains said...

I love the love stories but not the sad endings.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Great pictures, and loved seeing the castle. We enjoyed the beautiful day too.