Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-28-14 Rhode Island

Seems we left New Brunswick just in time for alternator/battery problems.  So south we zoomed to Maine, stopping in Bangor at a Wal-Mart with convenience of O’Reilly close by.  Denny changed the starting batteries – dead! – then checked the alternator he had installed in New York in June ---- that was the problem…… a loose ground wire --- we knew those rough roads would do something!!!!

Anyway, back in travel business…… south to Rhode Island to meet with friends Larry & Marilyn Forbes.  Today we toured the capital building in Providence….. pictures and more info later.

8/23/14 Louisbourg, Cape Breton, NS

IMG_1764 Arrived in Sydney, NS – the huge fiddle is a tribute to he music of Cape Breton – Fiddle playing just seems second nature to folks and music is everywhere.

And on to Louisbourg.  Once a thriving port.  Coal mining was once the industry, but no more.  In the 1960’s the government asked the unemployed miners to help rebuild the historic fort. With much research and studies, a portion of the French Fort was rebuilt using skills and techniques of the 1700s.  This year celebrates 301 yrs of history with music and programs.  Buildings were made of brick/stone/wood.  Huge, magnificent buildings of the times.IMG_1766

IMG_1767Gardens a plenyIMG_1798Children dress in costume and spend a week at the fort.IMG_1769A soldier is instructing the children on how to be a soldier.

IMG_1775 A man is being punished at the stocks in town.  Quite embarrassing and a spectacle for the audience.  Many folks dressed in costumes of the day.

IMG_1784 IMG_1805  IMG_1773 IMG_1786

Special evening entertainment --- local country star Jimmy Rankin and international favorite the McNeils Fiddle Music.


And after the music at the fort – it was more music at the Louisbourg Playhouse – the Privateers played and the crowd danced.


Another enjoyable day in the Maritimes.

8/20/14 Leaving Newfoundland

Oh my, how time flies when you’re having such a grand time.  A delightful boardwalk  along the shore…..Centuries ago, the Cod Fishermen would dry their Cod upon the beach.  It was seasonal work – they cam in the spring and left again in the fall back to France, England, Scotland, Ireland.IMG_1759

One more stop at Castle Hill – a French Fort over looking Placentia.IMG_1751IMG_1752 IMG_1754

We’re leaving from Argentia – a 14+ hr ferry trip back to Sydney, NS. Folk singer entertainment was enjoyable.  Movies too.  But, what a night – lesson learned – always book a cabin.  it was up in the chair, down on the floor, again and again.  Nothing quite comfortable.   Arrived with sunny skies……


Friday, August 22, 2014

8-22-14 Leaving Newfoundland

A wonderful summer in Newfoundland.  Interesting culture, enjoyable music, delightful scenery, friendly people and great memories of Newfoundland.  Sean asked us which we would go back to: Alaska or Newfoundland.  Hands down --- Newfoundland!

We parked at Placentia before leaving.  Enjoyed the long boardwalk and ocean view as we say good-bye to Newfoundland in the morning.  Centuries ago 1500’s, fisherman from France and England fished these bays for Cod in the summer, using the wide  pebbly beaches to sun dry the Cod.IMG_1760Yesterday we left Argentia for North Sydney on the 14 hr overnight ferry.  Lesson learned – book early and do get a cabin!  Arrived in Nova Scotia for a long morning nap in my bed and a shower.


More to see in Nova Scotia …….

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

08-19-14 St John’s Area

After a storm windy night/morning – the clouds cleared and it was time to re-explore a bit.  Of course it was to Costco first for lunch….. Then back to Signal Hill which guards the entrance to St John’s Harbor – a narrow neck entrance.

IMG_1585 IMG_1733

Look just what pulled out of the harbor… This is a supply boat going out to oil rigs.IMG_1734

Then back to Cape Spear Lighthouse for grand views.  The “New” Lighthouse as well as the Old one.

IMG_1735 IMG_1737

IMG_1738 IMG_1741

The blue waters and crashing waves are always a delight.


The “Fireweed” is nearing its top.  Summer is on the way out.  We will leave Newfoundland on Thursday back to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

What great memories of NF –  Newfoundland may be a rocky island, covered with trees and small lakes, and wonderful little coastal fishing towns, but it is the warmth of the people that make it so special.


Monday, August 18, 2014

St John’s George St 8-18-14

On a “Gray Cloudy Day” it is time to go sight seeing in the George Street area – well known for night life and music… a bit of whimsy and fun…..IMG_1726

IMG_1721 IMG_1692

IMG_1696 IMG_1700

IMG_1701 IMG_1704

IMG_1707 IMG_1712

IMG_1713 IMG_1715

And whimsy –Ugly Sticks come in all sizes and designs……IMG_1697IMG_1693 IMG_1680IMG_1722

Many Electrical Boxes are decorated (above) The colorful houses are also shown in decorations – below a mail box and old faucets as coat hangers.

IMG_1679IMG_1683Hunter Boots are the best!


Newfoundland homes are often colorful and delightful to the eye!


A Touring day with Owen & Pauline south of St. John’s to Ferryland – a coastal community along the Atlantic shore.  “A Gray Cloudy Day” song fits with today’s travels.  The coastal shores are rugged, rocky with many small inlets, bays.   

 IMG_1652 IMG_1662

Enjoyed some shops ….

IMG_1656 IMG_1665


And  a model boat collection…..


IMG_1671 IMG_1675

An enjoyable days with new Newfoundland Friends….