Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seward, AK

6-30-2013  We have enjoyed walks to town – along the water’s edge – along with some murals.  A bit of history – the 1964 Earthquake destroyed the water front buildings, along with the petroleum industry (have since moved to Valdez).  The water front now has wonderful city parking for RVs from the harbor to town.  Perfect for summer travelers and allows plenty of space for storms and possible tsunamis from earthquakes.2013-06-30 Seward 003

The Aquarium is quite interesting – especially the sea birds.2013-06-30 Seward 004

The Library is a beautiful building – the various sky colors change the tile colors throughout the day.2013-06-30 Seward 010

And sometimes we walk to the harbor to watch the boats come and go or to watch folks come in with their catch of Halibut and Salmon.  A neat mural is there to greet travelers.

2013-06-22 Hope 001Today the day may be socked with with clouds and drizzle, but we can still watch and enjoy the tides, boats, sea otters playing, and birds coming and going.  We watch with binoculars the folks climbing Mt Marathon – hope for race day – July 4th – it is a lot drier without so many clouds.  Town is busy with all the tenters and RVs.  Things will so be hopping!

2013-06-30 Seward 016

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Carol and Larry Jennings said...

It just looks so interesting and fun! Wish we were there enjoying the cool weather and great scenery. Even though Salem, OR, is cooler than much of the west--still too hot! We are enjoying your travels.