Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seward, AK

6-20-2013 Went to visit exit Glacier with a ranger walk/talk the other day in the sunshine.2013-06-20 Seward 007

Then a ride around the bay.  Interesting tents even with a stove at a Fish Camp – no luxuries here, this is a man’s place.2013-06-20 Seward 036

With a cloudy day, it’s time to visit the Aquarium here in Seward.  Kittiwakes up close.2013-06-20 Seward 044

Puffins are always delightful.  They prune for hours it seems as they fluff, dive, flop and sputter.2013-06-20 Denny's Seward  162

This Sea Lion was a character!2013-06-20 Denny's Seward  152

And of course some fish……2013-06-20 Seward 061

The Day is changeable as we have had overcast, sun, more overcast, a few drips of rain….. but the views are enjoyable parked along the bay in Seward, AK2013-06-20 Seward 073

2013-06-20 Seward 075

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