Thursday, June 27, 2013

Still in Seward

6-27-2013  We continue to enjoy Seward.  The weather is still a mystery – starts sunny, turns cloudy or cloudy and turns sunny.  The sun rises just to the left in front of us, sets, somewhere behind us on the left.  The moon comes up to our right. The temperatures pleasant.  The tides fascinating.  We often see cormorants, gulls or eagles on the old pilings just in front of us.  Now and then a sea otter comes to play.  The ship continues to load coal.  Cruise and fishing boats zoom in and out.IMG_20130627_115313_758

Decided to take another cruise… the waters are calm. The sky is blue.  The scenery delightful.  Today we saw Dall porpoise, orca whale, kittiwakes, puffed tuffins, sea lions, cormorant, mtn goats.

2013-06-27 Seward   022

Where Resurrection Sound meets the clear Pacific…. all the way to Hawaii.  The waters are exceptionally calm today.2013-06-27 Seward   066

Sea Birds nesting, sea lions napping……..2013-06-27 Seward   056

Cruising back to port at Seward

2013-06-27 Seward   070

2013-06-27 Seward   074

Yes, another great day in Alaska!

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