Tuesday, June 25, 2013


6-25-2013  We continue to enjoy Seward.  Tide, Clouds, Boats and now a Coal Ship.  Coal is shipped by rail from Healy, AK.  The ship will take coal to South America.2013-06-25 Seward 005

2013-06-25 Seward 003

Seward is known for its 4th of July Race up Mt Marathon.  It’s only 3022’  – with a general 38 degree angle. Steepest slopes 60 degrees.  Record time for this 3.1 mile fun 43:23 minutes.  WOW!!

We are parked below the mtn….This town of ~2500 will swell to 40,000 for the 4th of July activities.  We have volunteered for some crowd control the day of the race.P1080408

Today we walked to the beginning of the mtn trail……1st time racers must run the mtn at least once before the race itself.2013-06-25 Seward 0142013-06-25 Seward 011

Check You Tube for several videos on the challenge or the website http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=mt+marathon+race&qpvt=mt+marathon+race&FORM=IGRE

While walking along the water today we saw an RV with a SKP decal – of course we had to knock and say hello.  Surprise!  We had met David & Linda Hatcher at Gillette Escapade 2011.  They too are here to see the 4th of July Race and festivities.  Also heard Mike and Terri Church will be here to watch the race.  A small world indeed.

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