Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seward, AK

6-18-2013 – Arrived in Seward to continuing sunshine and warm weather.  Seward has terrific RV parking right along the water. Wonderful views just across the bay…….2013-06-18 Seward 012

Earlier we saw Bald Eagles sitting on the posts.  But for now the Cormorants have taken over.2013-06-18 Seward 009

And the Harlequin Ducks were neat to see too!2013-06-18 Seward 008

With weather changes coming decided to take the boat trip today. 

2013-06-18 Seward 017

Beautiful blue skies, greenish water and Kenai Mountains surrounding us.  Glad to see there is still snow on those peaks.  2013-06-18 Seward 022

Yippee --- our 1st Whale!  Well just a tale!2013-06-18 Seward 031

And a few Seals along with another nesting area for Kittiwakes (one of the many of the Gull family)2013-06-18 Seward 0462013-06-18 Seward 062

And then the clouds moved quickly in and around2013-06-18 Seward 066

We met a cute otter – just relaxing by himself…..

2013-06-18 Seward 081

Oh my, just look at those clouds roll by…..

2013-06-18 Seward 083

Home again, and only a few drips of rain.  Glad we took the boat trip Tuesday as Wednesday was cooler, a few more drips of rain and the clouds moved in to hide the mountain tops.  That’s okay, need a day to relax as bit too.

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