Saturday, June 15, 2013

Portage Area

6-15-2013 --- Today we were going to take it easy!  But there is always a surprise or two around the corner.  Along Portage Valley Rd enjoyed the continuing mountain and lake views.Portage 006Portage 034

And an interesting stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!   They take in orphaned and injured animals.  If they can not be released, they have a home at the center.  A variety of animals----Porcupine 2012-06-15 Denny Droid 002

Black and Grizzly Bear

2012-06-15 Denny Droid 021 2012-06-15 Denny Droid 030

Elk and Musk Ox

2012-06-15 Denny Droid 073 2012-06-15 Denny Droid 015

A Raven along Turnagain Arm at low tidePortage 032

And a herd of Wood Bison – different than the Plains Bison.  This animal has been brought back from near extinction. Portage 029

And back to the RV for a bit of relaxation….. with views of the ski slopes just outside our door.  70’s  Sunshine and Blue Skies can’t be beat!Portage 059

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