Monday, June 17, 2013

Whittier, AK

06-16-2013 --- Time for a glacial tour.   First a stop a Portage Lake……what a beautiful reflection in calm waters!2013-06-16 Whittier 004

Wow!!!! A sunny day in Whittier! The harbor is busy with folks coming and going.

 2013-06-16 Whittier 014

Beautiful snow capped mountains and glaciers along the way.

2013-06-16 Whittier 017

2013-06-16 Whittier 037

Amazingly Clear!2013-06-16 Whittier 059Sea Otters at play!2013-06-16 Whittier 053

2013-06-16 Whittier 074

Surprise Glacier2013-06-16 Whittier 079

Sea Gulls Nesting Rock --- Thousands of them…….2013-06-16 Whittier 095

And it’s back to port in Whittier.  A beautiful day in the neighborhood2013-06-16 Whittier 105


Carol and Larry Jennings said...

Aaaah, beautiful!!! Breath-taking photos! Thanks.

Denny & Susie said...

Glad you're enjoying traveling along with us. Alaska is so different than we had expected...... more enjoyable and loving the mountains and water sights.