Thursday, June 13, 2013

To Teklanika

6-8-13  Teklanika is a campground 29.1miles into the park.  We’ll be here for a few days – taking the shuttle to the end of the road – Kantishna – an old gold mining settlement – hoping to see Mt Denali along the way.Denali - Bus Trip 002

The only way into this area is by bus.  Today we hit the jackpot with Wendy the Bus Driver!  She was terrific in sharing items of interest and animals along the way.  We saw caribou……though from a distance.Denali - Bus Trip 007

We saw Grizzly Bears 4 times – a single grizzly x 2, a mom and 2 cubs, and another bear as he came up to the road….. they are hungry and eating as much as they can.N

Denali - Tek #2 086

No Wolves.  They are a rare sighting as there are less than 50 in the park area,  but we did see a coyote!Denali - Tek #2 101

Saw a couple to ptarmigan – the state bird of Alaska!Denali - Bus Trip 011

Momma Mountain Sheep and babies.Denali - Bus Trip 014And the Boys are on the other side of the hill……Denali - Bus Trip 026

And along came Mr Fox – taking home lunch to the family!Denali - Bus Trip 039

The skies were cloudy often with threats of rain, but enjoyed the views none the less.Denali - Bus Trip 035 

You can see where we’re heading…..Denali - Bus Trip 040

At Eielson Visitor Center – viewed a wonderful quilt – of Denali.Denali - Bus Trip 043

It would have been terrific to have clear skies for a view of Denali at Wonder Lake…… but not today.Denali - Bus Trip 050

Denali - Bus Trip 059

The road is basically single lane – gravel – some wash board and a few pot holes now and then.  A scenic ride along the Polychrome mountain ridge.

Denali - Bus Trip 076

Maybe we’ll see Denali on another day……..

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