Saturday, June 1, 2013

North Pole +

5-31-13  Well of course we had to go to the North Pole……

North Pole   017

North Pole   005

North Pole   016

Denny had errands and a library stop so I went to University of Alaska – Fairbanks Museum.  Excellent displays of animals, history, and art.

North Pole   028

Clothing was often decorated to be very functional and beautiful.North Pole   033

Woven art and beautiful bead work.North Pole   038

North Pole   041

North Pole   067

And of course GOLD as art or nuggets.North Pole   042

Sunny skies very enjoyable.

North Pole   074


Carol and Larry Jennings said...

Oooh, your trip looks like fun! Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

Sue Pace said...

I got the link from Judy R. Now I can follow your Alaska trip. One I will most likely never go on. Have fun. You may bump into a caravan of Boomers heading that way.