Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wed June 4, 2014 - Corning, NY

Today we drove south from Ovid (the land between the lake of Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake) to Corning, NY --- home of Corning Glass Museum.  Incredible history of glass from late BC to the present.   Glass used for practical and decorative purpose thru the ages.

Scenery is amazing pastoral with rural farms, vineyards, lake view homes with plenty of trees and green.  Farmers both English and Amish are all in the fields planting.  Folks are mowing acres of grass.

 Especially enjoyed learning more about fiber optic cables that can carry billions of messages at one time --- very fine glass cables.

 Okay - I have 3 of the same pictures - can't figure out how to remove the extra ones without starting all over.

Beautiful Red Poppies were blooming in the garden.

On the return trip north on 414 enjoyed Hector Falls and old homes.

An enjoyable day in NY

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