Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quebec City

Enjoying spectacular weather in Quebec area.  Thursday it was a bus tour of the city, Friday a Costco and shopping day, Saturday back to Quebec City.  This is the Quebec Provincial Holiday weekend so we decided to just stay a bit longer. Below are pictures from Saturday adventures.

I don’t think the car below can travel in the water, but he sure looks like he may try.


Camping in the area is pricey for those that usually dry camp as much as possible…. $40/noc.  We are staying on the south side of the St Lawrence River in Levi (Li VEE).  For our 2nd trip to Quebec city we took the ferry from Levi directly across the river – $15 for car and 4 people.  As we are traveling with  Sharon & Don Del Rosario – check their blog for more pictures --- 


The skyline is highlighted by Chateau Frontenac (a beautiful old hotel).  Also a cruise ship area.  Just to the right are a series of huge grain storage towers (see below).

We drove on to Montmorency Falls – 1-1/2 x taller than Niagara Falls, but not nearly as wide.  A neat east walkway along the top of the falls made for grand views.


We stopped at the Market along the water for lunch.  The city is alive with people walking, biking, rolller blading.

DSCN1477Then back to “old” Quebec City.  The city is old French and English and modern styles.  Streets are often narrow, steep and unusual angles going up and down steep slopes. Feels very European.  Many statues, little parks, grand old buildings. Today the city was very busy with people visiting, shopping, dining.  the sidewalk cafes were full and busy.


DSCN1499The street performers were very busy and excellent entertainment.  Mimes are quite popular. Street musicians too. The jugglers began by dramatically setting up all of their tools for the act and ended by diving thru a ring surrounded with knives pointing inward.  Of course to the grand applause he made it thru just fine!


DSCN1540  DSCN1551

Musee Du Fort was the history of the wars with Quebec being French – then English thru the years.


An enjoyable and busy day --- then enjoyed a picnic dinner with Sharon & Don.  Sunday a tour of Levi.

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Great photos made better by sunny skies.