Saturday, June 28, 2014

Acadian Village 6-26-14

The Acadian Village is a tour of homes, farms and life from the 1760+, mid 1800s and turn of the century 1900s.  The welcome is a statue of a farmer and the 3 chairs represent the Acadian Flag of Blue with star, White and Red stripes.


The early homes were made of chinked logs progressing to siding and painted exteriors and interiors.  Homes grew from one room cabins with the 2nd floor as storage for grains to multiple rooms and up stairs bedrooms.

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The kitchen was always the heart of the home.  Progressing from cooking in the fireplace, to cooking on more modern stoves.  All providing heat for the home.

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The costumes changed with the era.  The women always had their head covered when being outside of the home.  Progress was a water pump inside the home.

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There were also the neighborhood blacksmith, cobbler, printer, barrel maker, gas station, and general store.

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The women’s work was the house and garden.  The men did not cook unless they were single/bachelors.  Winters were spent making linen fabric from flax – very tedious.  Wool was spun and dyed with natural products for different colors

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It was another good day of learning and enjoying!


Jan Mains said...

It's so much nicer when you visit a place like that to have the staff wearing period clothing.

Larry Forbes said...

Good blog.