Thursday, June 5, 2014

Seneca Falls, NY 6-5-2014

 The land around the lakes is perfect for growing grapes - the deep water keeps the weather mild -- thus wine country...... hundreds of them surround the many finger lakes.

And along the lakes are lake front properties!  Love the beach front views.

The town of Seneca Falls held many surprises. The Cayuga-Seneca Canal was part of the Erie Canal systems. The canals opened up the area for transporting people and goods in the western frontier.  It was the home of many industries - mills and factories - fire trucks productions,  Goulds Pumps and more.

Also the home of Women's Rights Convention in 1848 and on to today.

Seneca Falls is also known as "Bedford Falls" in the movie staring Jimmy Stewart  as George Bailey - "It's A Wonderful Life"  Many scenic spots - the Partridge Bldg is now Bank of America, Cayuga Street is where George & Mary lived, railroad station is still there, and of course the Bridge Street bridge (really the Water St Bridge) that George leaped from to save the Angel.  The town celebrates each December with festivals.

The homes along Cayuga Street are often very spectacular.  Very beautiful old homes.

 These canal 'houseboats' are rented by the week.  What a neat vacation.
Note the sign "Life in the Past Lane"

The Cayuga-Seneca Canal connects the Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake - This lock raises 49.9'   It is just one of many locks in the system.
 Rural Farms are enjoyable to see!

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Beautiful country. Looks like the weather was perfect.