Sunday, July 28, 2013



The Fish Hatchery on Dayville Road is the place to see Salmon climbing fish ladders, Stellar Sea Lions waiting for lunch and Bears looking for dinner.07-27-13 Valdez 00107-27-13 Valdez 011

Bull Stellar Seal waiting for lunch! Yes, that’s a seal – looks like a rock!07-27-13 Valdez 005Momma and 4 – 1 yr old cubs out for dinner.  Low Tide…..07-27-13 Valdez 2 036in the fog – low tide – Valdez 07-27-13 Valdez 2 029

07-27-13 Valdez 2 010

And a boat cruise to Columbia Glacier ----- We did see a blurb of a humpback whale, the tail fins of an Orca and her baby as they dove deep, Dall Porpoise swimming in front of the boat, Stellar Sea Lions resting on shore, Horned Puffins diving , a pair of eagles, mountain goats, and more wild life.  The day began very cloudy – overcast…… but improved along the way.07-27-13 Valdez 2 049As we approached the glacier --- ice chunks floated everywhere.  Note the deep blue color of compacted snow and ice and the many shapes.07-27-13 Valdez 2 087Denny enjoyed looking for goats on the mountain side….It got very chilly near the glacier ---07-27-13 Valdez 2 099And the ice debris thickens as we get closer…. 07-27-13 Valdez 2 11407-27-13 Valdez 2 117the mouth of the glacier is about 2 miles wide…..07-27-13 Valdez 2 103Not planning to sleep again in the car…… time to head for Palmer.  It was an enjoyable visit to Valdez.07-27-13 Valdez 021The Wrangell Mountains were covered in clouds on the way up, but a nice evening view on the return trip.  Mount Drum

07-27-13 Valdez 2 132Beautiful sunset along the way07-27-13 Valdez 2 139And was it great to sleep in our own bed…… ahhh for a good night’s sleep.


OhBLISS said...

You two are having a great time....wish we were there with you. So exciting to see all the animals. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Denny & Susie said...

Yes we are having a great summer.