Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Homer, AK

7-9-13  arrived in Homer yesterday – parking at the Fishing Hole along the Homer Spit!

2013-07-09 Homer 005

Took a scenic drive to the top of the ridge ---- Homer Spit snakes out into Kachemak Bay.  The mountains somewhere in the clouds. 2013-07-09 Homer 029

Of course we had to walk the shops / restaurants on the spit!

2013-07-09 Homer 030

2013-07-09 Homer 031

But today - Hoorah!  A bit breezy, cool 50’s, but SUNSHINE in Homer.2013-07-09 Homer 036

Enjoyed the Islands and Ocean Museum….2013-07-09 Homer 019Enjoying the tides, blue skies, mountains and long days.  An enjoyable day ‘cept for Denny’s head cold!  Tomorrow a nature tour across the bay……


Jan Mains said...

It looks beautiful and we all know pictures aren't as good as being there.

Carol and Larry Jennings said...

Beautiful photo showing the spit in the bay. And sunshine! How nice! Loving your trip!

Denny & Susie said...

Yes, we are lucky to be enjoying sunshine === This is a beautiful spot!