Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Deep Creek

7-16-2013 ---- We enjoyed our time at Deep Creek.  The days were relaxing.  The scenery delightful!  Our beach front view….2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 001

A bit foggy --- can you see Mt Redoubt?2013-0717 Soldotna Kenai 004

Enjoyed a few more beach drives to see the Eagles and Gulls feeding.2013-07-17 Soldotna Kenai 010

Here’s a young eagle2013-07-17 Soldotna Kenai 024

A scenic drive and a stop for lunch at the Blue Bus in Anchor Point --- Thank you Peggy & Larry Leonard!2013-07-17 Soldotna Kenai 001

How is this for an interesting house?!2013-07-17 Soldotna Kenai 003

Enjoying the Kenai area…….

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Jan Mains said...

I like the use of the ironing board.