Sunday, July 7, 2013

Soldotna - Kenai

7-7-2013 --- Rain, Rain go away!  Too many cloudy rainy days. Guess we are spoiled with the great weather we have had in Alaska. 

Friday enjoyed the movie  “The Lone Ranger”… We saw some of the filming at Moab, UT last year.  Enjoyed a few good laughs!

Saturday night we went to Hooligan’s in Soldotna to see Hobo Jim the Alaska Balladeer.  He loves to sing and tell the tales of Alaska.  Hope to see him again in Homer.;

Today a scenic drive from Soldotna to Kenai to Nikiski to Captain Cook State Recreation area – Too many clouds to see the mountains just across the bay. 2013-07-07 Soldotna Drive 002

The Salmon are on the way up the Kenai River…. not here yet!

2013-07-07 Soldotna Drive 006

The Russian Orthodox Church has a long history in Kenai.

2013-07-07 Soldotna Drive 009

Beach drives are possible at low tide.

2013-07-07 Soldotna Drive 013

The visitor centers in Soldotna and Kenai have wonderful displays of Alaskan animals, birds and fish as well as native history.

2013-07-07 Soldotna Drive 028

Enjoyed our 3 night parking at Fred Meyer’s.  Tomorrow we amble to Homer, AK…… just down the road.  Hoping for a bit of sunshine!!

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