Saturday, July 27, 2013

Off to Valdez

7-24-13  Decided to take a car trip to Valdez! 

The Glenn Highway looked different without the snow of early May.To Valdez 017Miles of trees on the way to Chitina To Valdez 023Salmon aren’t here yet, but the fish wheels are ready!To Valdez 035Keystone Canyon is scenic with plenty of waterfalls.To Valdez 083The Worthington Glacier was another beautiful stop along the way.To Valdez 049Yep, enjoyed our campsite at the Valdez GlacierTo Valdez 089Thought it would be a snap!  We would sleep in the car – enjoy the sights in Valdez!  Well we’re not as young, nor as agile as we once were.  Without extra padding for sleeping it was a trip!!!  Lots of laughs for this memorable trip.  Ahhhh, for a comfortable bed!

To Valdez 091Valdez sightseeing: Valdez Museum and Earthquake History.To Valdez 094Watching Seiner Boats bring in their catch by net --- 07-27-13 Valdez 2 003Stopped at the docks to watch folks come in with their catch……07-27-13 Valdez 01307-27-13 Valdez 020

Enjoying Valdez…….

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