Thursday, May 9, 2013

to Tok, Alaska

5-9-2013 Another good night sleep – cold nights warming thru the mornings to be very pleasant with clear skies, no winds and delightful views of the Icefields of St Elias Mtns – more frozen lakes, ponds, streams, marshes.  Where water has thawed the ducks and swans gather.  Though we can easily see the mtns – elevation is only 1200-1400’ for the road.

To Tok, AK 009

The undulating heaves can give a roller coaster ride.  The secret, practical thing to do is SLOW down, enjoy the views and try to avoid the ‘sneaker’ heaves.  This stretch has been especially rough for about 70 miles before the US Border.  Watch for the marker signs and flags and then even in between there are rough patches.

To Tok, AK 011 To Tok, AK 012

Crossed the Canadian / US border near Beaver Creek.To Tok, AK 015

Arrived in Tok in time for lunch.  Recommended was ‘Fast Eddies’  Yummy!  Thank you Dennis & Carol Hill for the Mushrooms!To Tok, AK 028To Tok, AK 030

Tok is a busy hub of motels, gas stations, RV parks and restaurants.  A place to decide direction of travel. North to Fairbanks, South to Valdez, Southwest to Anchorage???

574 miles in Yukon following Hwy #1 + 1450 miles in BC = Alaska


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