Monday, May 6, 2013

To Liard Hot Springs, then to Teslin

5-4-13  There is NO OVER NIGHT PARKING in Fort Nelson so says the city Constable or pay $50.  So last evening we headed north to a pullout at DC 318.7 for the night.  It was a good night sleep in spite of some trucks zooming by thru the night.

The highway winds up and down for scenic views of the Rocky Mtns to the west from Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs.

to Laird Hot Springs 003to Laird Hot Springs 006

to Laird Hot Springs 010to Laird Hot Springs 012

Stopping at Toad River to see all of HATs on the ceiling and of course to have a cinnamon roll – that seems to be the specialty everywhere!  Some are just better than others.

to Laird Hot Springs 017to Laird Hot Springs 018

Though our day is sunny and pleasant 60’s, there is still plenty of snow and ice.  Rivers and lakes are mostly frozen.  Muncho Lake is still spectacular.  Will be anxious to see it on the return trip.         DC 444.9 miles

to Laird Hot Springs 028

to Laird Hot Springs 031

And of course we stopped at Liard Hot Springs – I was the only one of the group to enjoy these delightfully warm 110 degree waters.  Outside 60’s was sunny and very pleasant.  They have built new changing rooms.

to Laird Hot Springs 042to Laird Hot Springs 041

to Laird Hot Springs 035to Laird Hot Springs 044

Parking for the afternoon/night at Liard Hot Springs – large pull off perfect for staying the night (DC 477.7 miles) it was time to check why the lights were not working.  So Denny & Fred did some trouble shooting.  Yes, there is snow on the ground, but temperatures are shirt sleeves……

A delightful sunny day!to Laird Hot Springs 045

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