Monday, May 6, 2013

to Teslin–along Alaska Highway

5-5-13 Clear blue sunny skies 60’s this morning at Liard Hot Springs Parking lot. Snow is melting quickly here. Heading north on BC #97 – Alaska Hwy grassy corridor with miles and miles of trees on either side – basically following the Liard River. Road is in good condition with occasional road heaves. Of course the buffalo enjoy this easy path munching grass along the way and leaving miles and miles of piles.

to Watson Lake 002to Watson Lake 007

Contact Creek was a great stop. gas 1.309/l; diesel 1.409 – so it was fill up time again.

to Watson Lake 016

Arrived Watson Lake with much SNOW! Wow – the sign forest is HUGE!!! Denny tried to walk in the snow, but got stuck – so we’ll have to look for friend’s signs on the return trip. We did add our sign!

to Watson Lake 023 to Watson Lake 027

to Watson Lake 032

About 20 miles either side of Watson Lake the road was full of heaves and potholes. Scenery is beautiful. We are now in the Yukon Territories.

to Watson Lake 046

Temps a bit chillier. More SNOW still on the ground, rivers mostly frozen. On to Teslin, but things are still closed. A beautiful view of Nisutlin Bay Bridge – longest water span on Alaska Hwy at 1,917’.

to Watson Lake 050

No Overnight Parking here so decided to park for the day at a pull off DC 785 miles. Still light at 10:30pm. Think we’ll be sleeping when the sun comes up very early. In the morning saw the sign NO Over Night Parking…… oh well we slept well!

BC Travel enjoyable ~1450 miles Smile

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Linda said...

We are enjoying your journey to Alaska. In 2010 we took our trip up through BC, The Yukon and then Alaska. Loved our trip and know you will also. I do have a question, we left in mid May and traveled slower than you folks, you have left in early you have a workkamping job waiting for you?