Monday, May 27, 2013

Gold Dredge 8

5-27-13  Did some local touring.   With winter temperatures commonly –60 –- have to ask WHY Fairbanks?  Folks seem to survive, thrive and stay in Fairbanks in spite of the short days and long winter.  Fairbanks has all the regular shopping / restaurants.  Regular homes in the city, mixed with occasional log cabins.  Many country homes just gather collections of stuff…..just seem to keep adding to the piles.  Then there are new, modern homes of all types next door.

Gold Dredge 8 008 Gold Dredge 8 010

Gold Dredge 8 019

The pipeline is very interesting.  4’ inside diameter surrounded by insulation and steel covering.  The “H” supports keep the pipeline above the ground and the heat exchangers from thawing the permafrost layer.  The pipeline runs from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez ~800 miles.  ~half is above the ground, the other half below.

 Gold Dredge 8 001 

The “pig” runs thru the pipe line – cleaning the side walls.  Other techniques are also used to maintain the pipeline.  Gold Dredge 8 030 Gold Dredge 8 028

The Gold Dredge 8 was very interesting tour on the methods of gold mining.  From lighting fires on the frozen winter soils to thaw the ground a few inches at a time and piling the rock to sift thru in the spring, to water cannons blasting the hillsides, to the huge Dredge digging machines – it was hard, cold, dirty work.Gold Dredge 8 037

Gold Dredge 8 063

Gold Dredge 8 053

And of course we had a chance to pan for gold……… Denny was pretty darn good at it!  Together our ‘flakes’ valued at $27.00

Gold Dredge 8 069

With the warm 80’s – groups are still enjoying float trips on the Chena River.  Water moves quickly on the surface, currents below are treacherous and certainly COLD.

Gold Dredge 8 081

Tomorrow the Discovery Paddle Boat Tour……


Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Hope you see this before your Discovery boat tour: sit on the LEFT side for the best views of the "shore activities". Afterwords you will understand.
-- CoolJudy

Donna Huffer said...

Be sure to go to China Hot Springs, too.

Debbie Abernethy said...

Susie did you get neckless to add your gold collection in. I did and love it...