Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Discovery Boat Tour

5-28-13  Alaska is having a heat wave – ~80 again today -  snows are melting too fast = flood warnings scattered about.  And with warm weather and little humidity = fire warnings.  Trees are greening quickly.

This morning we stopped again at Creamer’s Dairy (Bird Migratory Refuge) Gold Dredge 8 013 (2)

And a walk in the boreal forest – cold soil and underlying permafrost – found in the far north around the globe.  Glad to see the walk way thru the spruce, birch, aspen, larch and balsam popular.Discovery Boat Trip 003

In the afternoon – it was the Discovery Paddle Wheel boat trip on the Chena River (spring fed) to the Tanana River (ever changing). Discovery Boat Trip 009 A pontooned plane welcomed us to the China River – Fairbanks, AKDiscovery Boat Trip 016

A scenic view traveling down the Chena River to Susan Butchard’s Sled dog compound.  The dogs love to play and are always ready to work.

Discovery Boat Trip 023

Discovery Boat Trip - Denny Droid 044

Next stop a Chena Indian village with various buildings, talks, demonstrations and a fish wheel.Discovery Boat Trip 031

Discovery Boat Trip 038

Sharing the warm – beautiful clothing made of animal skins.

Discovery Boat Trip 035

A variety of homes line the river --- many log cabin styles, but also frame home….. Discovery Boat Trip - Denny Droid 107

Discovery Boat Trip - Denny Droid 105

Another enjoyable Alaskan Day!


Diane said...

Thanks for the pictures of Creamers - My DH and I volunteered there in 2009. Check out Chena Springs Road for lots of Moose siteings. And the Ice House there. Tell Lila and Steve we said hello. Keep those pictures coming. SKP hugs, Diane and Andy

Debbie Abernethy said...

The Discovery Boat ride was a favorite for us. I loved the dogs very much. Isn't it amazing to see how happy they are to work.