Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trinity 8-6-14

A full day ahead – Old Bonaventure is the home of “Random Passage” -- a TV series of early life along the sea.  The town was built for the filming and is now a place to visit.  The early homes were built of vertical logs and chinked with moss.IMG_1202 IMG_1206

IMG_1209  IMG_1212 - Copy

IMG_1215 - Copy IMG_1217

IMG_1224 IMG_1230IMG_1228

Of course you know who had to sit on the pot!

The movie “The Grand Seduction” was filmed near by.  So we stopped at “Joe’s Place”

IMG_1235 IMG_1236


We were looking forward to the Trinity Pageant – an out door play whereby the audience strolls along from place to place….. but alas the cloudy skies opened up to rain.  We did see the 1st act.


That evening it was the “Rising Tide” dinner theater for food and entertainment.  Delightful song and humor well performed.IMG_1243


Larry Forbes said...

Nice blog.

Caroart said...

What an interesting area! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to travel along with you.

Sean Orr said...

Tell dad he is suppose to pull his pants down first. However I'm glad they were up for the photo.