Monday, August 11, 2014

8-8 to 10 Brigus Blueberry Festival, NF

Next stop along the way – Brigus – well known for its Blueberry Festival……alas the Fri-Sat was mostly rain!  But they did have a short parade, a 3’ Blueberry Pie, arts & crafts, food vendors and of course music!  Enjoyed the variety on Sunday afternoon and fireworks at night.  The Dance Parties and evening music is late – starting at 10p and going to the wee hours. 

IMG_1312 IMG_1314

Until it RAINED BUCKETS!!!! Thank goodness for a tent!  Workers kept emptying the top……


What a hoot – the “Miss” Blueberry Pageant --- beauties for sure!IMG_1337 IMG_1339IMG_1357IMG_1415

Sunday was a better day for the festival with excellent entertainments with a variety of music!  What fun!  Kids sure enjoyed the activities as well!

IMG_1456 IMG_1480IMG_1457 IMG_1473IMG_1419Surprise to see Owen & Pauline & her sister at the festival!  We’ll see them again in St. Johns

IMG_1479And of course a Blueberry Festival has to have some Blueberry Treats!   Yummmy! 

Another enjoyable day with lots of friendly folks.  Of course Denny has never met a stranger –-----

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That's a lot of rain!