Friday, August 22, 2014

8-22-14 Leaving Newfoundland

A wonderful summer in Newfoundland.  Interesting culture, enjoyable music, delightful scenery, friendly people and great memories of Newfoundland.  Sean asked us which we would go back to: Alaska or Newfoundland.  Hands down --- Newfoundland!

We parked at Placentia before leaving.  Enjoyed the long boardwalk and ocean view as we say good-bye to Newfoundland in the morning.  Centuries ago 1500’s, fisherman from France and England fished these bays for Cod in the summer, using the wide  pebbly beaches to sun dry the Cod.IMG_1760Yesterday we left Argentia for North Sydney on the 14 hr overnight ferry.  Lesson learned – book early and do get a cabin!  Arrived in Nova Scotia for a long morning nap in my bed and a shower.


More to see in Nova Scotia …….

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Jan Mains said...

Sounds like you've had the trip of a lifetime.