Monday, August 18, 2014

St John’s George St 8-18-14

On a “Gray Cloudy Day” it is time to go sight seeing in the George Street area – well known for night life and music… a bit of whimsy and fun…..IMG_1726

IMG_1721 IMG_1692

IMG_1696 IMG_1700

IMG_1701 IMG_1704

IMG_1707 IMG_1712

IMG_1713 IMG_1715

And whimsy –Ugly Sticks come in all sizes and designs……IMG_1697IMG_1693 IMG_1680IMG_1722

Many Electrical Boxes are decorated (above) The colorful houses are also shown in decorations – below a mail box and old faucets as coat hangers.

IMG_1679IMG_1683Hunter Boots are the best!


Newfoundland homes are often colorful and delightful to the eye!


Jan Mains said...

Love the colors! Everything looks like it has a fresh coat of paint.

Larry Forbes said...

Got to see 3 blogs from you and 1 from Sharon this morning. They were great. Love the pictures.