Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-28-14 Rhode Island

Seems we left New Brunswick just in time for alternator/battery problems.  So south we zoomed to Maine, stopping in Bangor at a Wal-Mart with convenience of O’Reilly close by.  Denny changed the starting batteries – dead! – then checked the alternator he had installed in New York in June ---- that was the problem…… a loose ground wire --- we knew those rough roads would do something!!!!

Anyway, back in travel business…… south to Rhode Island to meet with friends Larry & Marilyn Forbes.  Today we toured the capital building in Providence….. pictures and more info later.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Denny had a premonition about the problem. Glad you got it fixed, but sorry you had to experience it. Enjoy your time with the Forbes.

Jan Mains said...

We toured the Capitol in Lansing yesterday too. I used to live in Rhode Island and never toured it. I'm looking forward to photos.

Caroart said...

All in all you seem to have had a nice trouble-free trip. You HAVE to have something to fix! Denny is sure handy to have around. You may want to keep him for at least another 50 years! Welcome back to the USA! :)