Friday, August 8, 2014

Brigus NF 8-8-14

Brigus is home of the Blueberry Festival that friends have told us about.  We found parking at the local ball field.  The town is quite old with narrow street/lanes and lots of colorful homes…… some old and resided or painted, others new.  But delightful to drive and enjoy the many sights.  A sampling of Newfoundland homes and views.IMG_1244 IMG_1245 IMG_1251IMG_1265

IMG_1252 IMG_1255


IMG_1273 IMG_1258


Of course Brigus has bays with water views…….IMG_1261

And a bit of whimsy……..IMG_1254      

We’ll enjoy music tonight at the “Screech In”  ----- We danced and enjoyed the music.  Met a couple from Whitehorse.  Small world!  We stayed until 12 – and they hadn’t started the “Screech In” – so we went back to the RV.  The Screech-In is a traditional ceremony to make you a Newfoundlander – A bit of funny stuff, kiss the Cod and drink a bit of “Screech” – oh well another time.


Jan Mains said...

Maybe you need to sleep during the daytime so you can do all the stuff at night.

Pete said...

Wow, i am so enjoying your travels!
You are staying long enough to really enjoy the area! traveling with Sharon and Don has got to be a good thing (if expensive). Stay is hot here!