Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moraine Lake

8-21-13  The skies are blue – the weather perfect!  So off we go.  Lake Moraine continues to be my (Susie’s) #1 Favorite place.  We have visited many times and it is still very magical.  The rock flour from glaciers remains suspended in the water to give it that beautiful color of turquoise. 2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 0052013-08-21 Moraine Lake 007

But my oh my the crowds of people.  Cars are parked for a long way along the road.  They are monitoring the number of cars that go out to let just that many in.

And then on to Lake Louise – another magnificent place with wonderful views.  2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 0252013-08-21 Moraine Lake 030

2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 024

Happy 49th Anniversary

2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 037

Lake Louise is all filled to the brim with tourist.  We’re not quite ready for the walk to the Tea House (~2 hrs walk up hill!?) so we drove down the road to Hector Lake for a relaxing – people free lake view and lunch.2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 039

2013-08-21 Moraine Lake 042

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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