Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alaska in our Rear View Mirror

8-8 & 9-13  Ok we’re spoiled.  We have had a fabulous Alaskan summer.  The weather has been superb – best summer in years for Alaskans.  We enjoyed the Palmer area, Fairbanks, Denali, the Kenai.  Weather for Kenai area is forecasted for probably rain for the next 10 days.  So we have wimped out!  It’s time to head south to the lower 48 and perhaps see some of the things we missed coming north (many things were still closed due to the long winter).2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 017

2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 023So off we head along the picturesque Glenn Highway to Glen Allen to Tok……… oh my the frost heaves…..for miles and miles.  Time to take it slow.

Stopped to top off the diesel tank in Tok – prices were YIKES! $4.69/gal of diesel.  But only go up from here thru Yukon and Alberta.  The weather is sunny and delightfully warm on this side of the mountains.

We’re staying the night at an overlook for Midway Lake mm 1290.  Nice view – quiet spot!2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 028

Stopped at the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge --- Denny likes the sod roof!2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 033Headed to Destruction Bay on Friday morning.  What a rock and roll roller coaster ride the entire day.  ~30 mph is pushing it!  Lots of heaves, gravel and some pilot sections too.  The RV & Car are DIRTY!2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 038Time to relax – camping tonight at Congdon Creek Campground km1666 on Kluane Lake.  Great views of the lake.  It’s windy and the lake is choppy!  Fireweed is topped out (winter will be here in 6wks), berries are in bloom,2013-08-08 Leaving Alaska 042Time to relax --- Whitehorse tomorrow!


Bill said...

Too bad you are not getting to Haines, we thought it was a great stop.

Denny & Susie said...

We're going to Atlin instead...... Maybe another time for Haines