Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moab Drives

Slick Rock Trail

Hill & Dudley maneuvering down and around

End of the Road - Hidden Canyon Overlook

Kane Creek Road - scenic - smooth

And then the dessent in the canyon

And the challenge begins

And we made it - last 1.5 miles challenging

North View - the Potash Ponds we saw from N side of CO river

Sure like that air conditioning - temp 103 today!

We came up the road along Kane Creek

Time to return - down hill

A challenge around each corner

And return to easy road!
Today we  (Steve & Lila Dudley, Dennis & Carol Hill, Ed & Sandy Kruty) went north of Moab for the Hidden Canyon Overlook Drive.  A moonscape of slick rock -- which is more up/down/bumpity/bump. 

Then the afternoon trip to Hurrah Pass --- a scenic easy route, except the last 1.5 miles..... what a ride.  What a view! 

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