Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Buena Vista, CO

Rocky Trail Going to Hancock Pass

Mountain Top Views

Down and Around

Ledge Roads

Yep, we were just there!

And a narrow spot to pass!

Enjoyable scenery along the way!

Ending the day with rain showers!

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Buena Vista is a beautiful area high in the mountains of Colorado.  Monday was a 2.5 rated 4 wheel drive to the Alpine Tunnel.  Up we went, enjoying the views.  The route included lots of rocks - scenic climbs and an amazing amount of traffic!  Yes we passed many jeeps, but also many more ATVs.  Sunny skies in the morning with gathering afternoon clouds with some rain and even a bit of hail.  Decided to take an easier road back.  A long, but enjoyable day!

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