Tuesday, April 30, 2013

North Travels - BC


April 28 we crossed the border at Sumas, WA / Abbottsford, BC. taking Hwy #1

Looking for ‘free’ and easy, we stopped a the Log Cabin Pub - some 50’ long logs - in Spences Bridge – for dinner and ‘free’ camping for the 1st night. Hey, it’s chilly up north!

Scenic views along the Fraizer River

How’s this for ‘overload” – prepared for everything!

2nd day - April 29 - had a bit of everything – sun – clouds – rain – sleet – and SNOW!! Another ‘free’ night at Cinema, BC

Views along Pine Pass – 3061’

April 30 - Chetwyn, BC is well known for the many chainsaw carvings thru town. #3 ‘free’ night parked in Chetwyn!


Sharon Del Rosario said...

Free camping? Such a deal! It looks like you're both having a great time. Hope you don't get any more snow.

Vickie Rigden said...

So glad you are getting there with out much snow. We sure enjoyed our time with you. Headed home in another day, we are beat. Its Friday night and we have been in our room since 4:30 reading. Love the pictures. Are you taking them with a camera or your phone?