Friday, July 27, 2007

Thayne, WY

Thayne, WY is about 90 miles from Teton National Park - situated in the Star Valley. This valley was once a rural ranching area that has been "discovered" as a place to be...... so prices are sky rocketing. We joined some SKP Friends at Star Valley RV Park. Familiar faces, Happy Hours, socials and good times. Celebrating an Anniversary for David & Brenda Neil we joined the folks for Burritos serve by "Big Mama", good dancing, and lots of beer at a local bar - Colter's

Yesterday we took a ride along the Greys River -- lots of good spots to park an RV along the river. Beautiful mountain valleys and views. The river ran clear and changed to muddy brown from last nights rain and creek runoff. Mountains seem to grow clouds and afternoon rains are common. This area has been very dry and really welcome the rains.
We passed thru part of the Oregon Trail -- and wonder at the trip those folks made.
We also saw the result of a lightning strike as a forest fire started in our near distance. Others called and the firemen were on their way.

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